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About Rep Express


Since 2007 our passion has been you, our customer. At Rep Express Catering we see every person who walks through our door as someone we can effect in a positive way. Whether it is through our delicious food, a warm smile, or going that unexpected extra mile when someone needs it most. You are why we exist! All that we ask in return is to Eat, Laugh & Live 

What makes Rep Express Catering so different? From our culinary service providers to our banquet servers everyone is uniformed, professional and cross-trained by our culinary team to know what you’ve ordered and how to properly set up and present your cuisine on-site or off. Our sales team are experienced in planning for any event you can dream up.

As an organization, we value


Integrity and fairness. It all starts with integrity. We trust in the integrity and fairness of each other to always do the right thing, to be open, honest and forthright with ourselves and others, to demonstrate courage, to solve without blame and to follow through on all our commitments.


Respect and caring. We reach out with respect and caring. We have a genuine interest in the well being of others. We know the importance of listening, the power of understanding and the immeasurable value of support.


Diversity. Even though we have a common vision, we embrace and celebrate our individual differences. We are strengthened by a diversity of cultures, perspectives, attitudes, and ideas. We honor each other's heritage and uniqueness. Our power of diversity makes a world of difference.


Always learning.  Always teaching. We learn from others as they learn from us. We learn. We teach. We grow.


Being "of service." Being of service is our pleasure. We treat people as special and appreciated by giving of ourselves, doing more than expected, anticipating needs, and making a difference.


Teamwork. Teamwork works. By trusting one another, we bring together the best in all of us and go beyond the boundaries of ordinary success.


Excellence. We have a passion to set and to pursue, with innovation, courage and humility, ever higher standards.


Our Core Values communicate the behaviors and attitudes we cherish as we strive to deliver on Rex Hospitality’s Core Purpose. That's what motivates us to be the best.


Our Strategy For Sustained Growth


Our strategy to create a multi-location/franchise catering company involves building a great brand. We expect our leaders to continuously increase brand relevance – and as a result, guest loyalty – by successfully developing and executing strategies that enhance both the positioning and delivery of the Rep Express experience. Rex Hospitality requires great brand support in important areas like Human Resources, Supply Chain, Information Technology and Finance. Finally, we believe we can only take full advantage of our brand-building and brand-support by working as an integrated organization – leveraging common values and sharing proven operating practices. Both innovation and continuous improvement will enable us to sustain strong profitable sales growth over the long term by successfully capitalizing on the opportunities and navigating through the challenges which inevitably arise in our dynamic industry. We empower our leaders to act every day with clear direction and strong confidence in what we can accomplish.

Eat, Laugh & Live!

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